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Current Pricing

All of our on-site pricing is billed in 10 minute intervals and is based on a one hour minimum. We also use mathematically correct rounding -- we're known to round down! For detailed information about our discounted contract rates (and other benefits of contracting), please visit our Contract Services page.

Standard On-Site Hourly Rate$75.00
Level 1 Discounted Hourly (for customers
who contract 6 or more hours/month)
Level 2 Discounted Hourly (for customers
who contract 12 or more hours/month)

Off-Site Service Pricing

As the most efficient solution, we recommend on-site service. If you prefer to bring your computer to us, or speak to us on the phone, the prices are as listed in the table below. Our minimum off-site service charge is one hour, and our minimum telephone support charge is 30 minutes. Both are charged at 15 minute intervals and follow our mathematically correct rounding policy. Web design hourly rates are charged for time spent in development and testing only. Consultation time is charged according to how the service is provided: either on site or over the phone. Contact us for web development quotes and information.

Standard off-site hourly$30.00
Telephone support hourly$30.00
Custom web design hourly$95.00